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Let’s cure cancer.

Let’s cure cancer.

Cancer is terrible. Truly awful. I don’t recommend the experience to anyone. Skip it if you can. Avoid at all costs.

Surviving cancer and going through treatment was hands down the most grueling, horrific, and terrifying experience I have ever gone through.


I was lucky. I am lucky.

I have an internationally renowned medical oncologist who treated me with the latest protocols that changed my outcomes, a surgical oncologist who treated my body like it was precious, a radiation team who made me laugh every damn day for a month, and a nursing and support staff who truly cared about me, lifted me up and saved me. I have a husband who kept my heart and mind together, kept our children and our life together. I have parents and brothers and sisters who made me laugh, held me when I cried, held my babies, told me it would be okay, made it okay. I have the world’s best friends – the kind that know exactly what you need when you need it – whether it’s a stiff drink, a good cry, a word of encouragement, or a primal scream. I have a business partner who kept the lights on, a team who kept it all together and clients who trusted that this wouldn’t last forever, and stuck with me.

I’ve had clean scans.

I’m beyond lucky. I’m grateful, I’m blessed.


I don’t want to do it again. I don’t want anyone else to have to do it either. Cancer’s a real asshole. Let’s cure it together.

I’m raising money for UW Health’s Carbone Cancer Center by running a 5k. You can run with me OR donate to this fabulous cause below. The money is used to fund innovative treatments like the ones I received.

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Published on Apr 18 2019

Last Updated on Apr 20 2019

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